Swap It Like It's Hot

Sunday definitely has to be the best day of the week. Everybody always seems to be in a good mood and the relaxed vibes can be felt all around. It's my favorite day to go somewhere new and try something different. I always make it a point to make every Sunday a #sundayfunday because it's my one full day off to enjoy whatever my heart desires.  

This Sunday I had the pleasure of returning to one of my favorite spots in the Venice area. I've admired this adorable little shop located right on Venice Blvd since the first time I stepped foot in it. The Mar Vista Art Department hosts great events, workshops, and unique shopping ventures like this one I got to attend. 

As soon as I got word that they were hosting a clothes swapping party, I knew I had to be there. For only $20, attendees were free to bring in their hand-me-downs and trade them for as many new-to-them items they could get their hands on. I was so delighted to bring in all my clothes that have been sitting in my closet untouched. I have always been the donating type when it comes to cleaning out my closet, so this opportunity seemed right up my alley. It made me so happy that my gently used pieces were going to a new home to be made new memories in. Meanwhile, I snagged quite a few amazing pieces myself (that I'll be doing a post on in the near future).

After this experience, I'm hoping these types of swapping events start happening more often. Not only at The MVAD, but at other boutiques and even among friends. It's the perfect way to clear out that over-stuffed wardrobe and get some new looks in the outfit cycle; throw in some rosé and what could be better!?  


Nothing like bubbly and sweet words to make a girl feel good.